Visions from the Earth Star


Jim's visions are much like learning to see, as if for the very first time, the light essence that lives and is luminescing from within everything. It is a miraculous visual music that can be heard and felt, a subtle magical force that is born of trusting my intuition enough to act upon it. My hope is for the viewer to 'hear' it too.

My light visions are created when I am drawn to a very specific vantage point in time and space, where the harmonies in the light parallel both the mind, body, and spirit. It is from this perspective where I am able to share with you the viewer, our co-created world from a different perspective.

Jim only began experiencing these incredible visions following his recovery from a death experience in June 2003 and after departing his former life for something more rewarding, he began his quest to better understand the Universe as he now was experiencing it. When he set out on this journey there was no road map just what he felt and saw urging him onward and upward.

The journey has been on going since January 2006 and has taken him from Boston to the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and now here to the Nation's Capital. In 2006 in Arizona he discovered that he could capture some of what he perceived with his own vision through the lens of his digital camera. By 2008 in Idaho he discovered that he had an inner knowledge for a means to enhance what he was able to capture with his meager digital camera. And from here began his career as a visionary artist. In the fall of 2008 he was guided to begin to share his unique perspective with the world when he shared the vision he calls The Shining One with an international group of spiritual teachers. Since the fall of 2008 he has created over 400 visionary pieces many of them here on his web site, and some as commissioned personal light body visions, and 260 visions last summer for a special project soon to be completed that he calls The Star Seeds.

Jim has exhibited some of his more conventional photographic prints at the Irvine Nature Center in Owing Mills, Maryland since arriving here in the Nation's Capital.

Many know Jim as the mechanical engineer which is how he continues to support his day to day presence. It is, however, his visionary art that he knows is his true purpose and reason he survives his 2003 death experience today.

Jim is grateful for those who have been a part of this journey and those yet to cross his path for without the synchronicities of those encounters clearly he would not be at this place at this moment.

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