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The Star Seed Visions

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Rumi 9-30-1207 to 12-17-1273 left us this message

There is a force within which gives you life, seek that. In your body lies a priceless gem, seek that. O wandering soul, if you want to find the greatest treasure, don't look outside, look inside, and seek that.

The Star Seeds Section is still under construction but should be growing daily

The Star Seed Visions

The star seed visions were first revealed to me at Teotihuacan on 12-31-2005. At that time I had no idea what they represented or how to even describe what I had been taken to experience that day on the altar of The Pyramid of the Moon. It would not be for another 42 months before I began the process of recreating that experience. The initial phase of recreating the star seed visions totaling 260 similar yet different visions was completed in 6 weeks during the summer of 2009. In the winter of 2009-2010 I realized that there were messages associated with each star seed as well as the still missing crystalline structure that I had experienced in Teotihuacan. In the spring of 2010 still knowing that the visions were not yet complete I began a process that eventually lead me to an understanding of the Language of Light as we entered the summer of 2010. As the energies settled down in July of 2010 and after 3 weeks of revamping my web site one afternoon as I was working on a system for addressing the messages with new visions that came from the Language of Light I realized as the first image materialized that when merging the crystalline structures from the Language of Light that I had created the complete vision from my experience in Teotihuacan. On August 10, 2010, exactly one year after completing phase one of the star seeds I completed the first group of star seeds, the children of the sun. Its now April 7, 2011 and the visions have been completed and blessed by a return journey to Teo in late March 2011.


The Sacred Mayan Calendar did not include provision for our Gregorian Calendar's need to provide for Leap Years
It was a simple progression of days, for those of you born on February 29 in a leap year you should use March 1 to determine your Star Seed.

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