Visions from the Earth Star


April 7, 2011
A day of the Red Overtone Earth.
Red Overtone Earth brings this message:

This cycle is the time to focus and connect tangibly with the undefined. It is the time to take our ideas and give them discipline and form. It is the time to develop the ability to discriminate without creating separation or judgment. It is time to channel our creative energy constructively, generating the power for practical manifestation. If we turn inward and bring more light into our form we can discover the foundation of our sacred center. In meditation, we receive the serenity of the place of perfect centeredness. In letting go of who we think we are, we become who we actually are. As we open our perceptions, through us, the mysterious balance of the cosmos is fulfilled. There is stability in the light pattern that invites us to feel stable as we expand and evolve. Although we are living in a world of polarities, we all have an inner knowing that all parts are one in the unified whole, and this creates the foundation of our connectedness.

A day that for me is day of triumph, for it has 1921 days from their rebirth in Teo on 12-31-2005
until today when I share with the Universe a Light fountain of the Seeds of Light.
So as you gaze into the Light of your Creation and feel its beautiful possibilities,
allow it to awaken you to who you really are, and allow yourself to experience the great joy of knowing.

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